Write a statement that explains the development of your own middle range theory relevant to the case study of Mark and draw a conceptual map that illustrates how the concepts are related.

Topic: Nursing Theories

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Film to watch https://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/breathing_lessons. Story about a child that contracted Polio and became disabled….became a journalist gives his views and ….

Introduction: As learners, you will consider concepts as the building blocks of nursing knowledge. By defining, describing, and analyzing concepts, we can develop a better understanding of how events, and experiences, important to nursing practice, are related to other concepts. This understanding can be used to design and implement evidence-based interventions.
1. Watch the film “Breathing Lessons: The Life of Mark O’Brien” as a case study.
2. Make a list of all of the concepts that you identify as relevant to the nursing care of Mark.
3. Select from your list, three concepts that you believe are related and provide a conceptual definition of each concept based on a review of the literature.
4. Conduct a concept analysis for each of the three concepts based on course readings or other literature (provide references):
a. What are the antecedents to the concept?
b. What are the characteristics of the concept or defining attributes?
c. What are the consequences or outcomes of the concept?
5. Discuss how concepts are the building blocks of a theory. (Provide references)
6. Write a statement that explains the development of your own middle range theory relevant to the case study of Mark and draw a conceptual map that illustrates how the concepts are related.
7. Apply knowledge of the three concepts (antecedents, characteristics, and consequences/outcomes) in formulating nursing assessment questions relevant to the case study.
8. Discuss the value of theory in guiding clinical nursing practice based on the literature and your own scholarly thinking. (Provide References)
9. Provide references in paper and reference list as per APA (2010) format.
Case Study Components: Individual Assignment
List of concepts from Film- Breathing Lessons-M. O’Brien *(as many as you identify)
Conceptual definition of 3 selected concepts (Those who that apply the most to Nursing)
Concept Analysis:
1. Concept 1:
2. Concept 2:
3. Concept 3:
4. References included in the text
Concepts as Building Blocks with references in text
Statement of your Middle Range Theory
Nursing Assessment Questions
Value of theory in guiding practice with references in text
APA formatting and reference list

Watch and theoretically examine the life of Mark O’Brian.
You are to watch the film, and identify as many concepts as possible. There are several examples of articles which are concept analyses. It would be helpful to review the components of a concept analysis and I am asking you to select three out of your list of concepts and go to the literature providing references for your concept analysis. You are not expected to do a full concept analysis with model and borderline cases as in the articles that are examples.
I am asking that from the literature you identify the antecedents to a concept which means the concepts that may precursors to the main concept of interest and the concept which may be an outcome or consequence. In defining the concept, you are describing the characteristics of the concepts otherwise known as the defining attributes.
For example, if you identify disability as your concept of interest, how do you define disability? What are its characteristics or attributes? What factors may influence the level of disability someone has or their perception of their disability? What are outcomes of disability?
You are the theorist, so you can use the concept analysis to determine how the concepts fit together as you develop your middle range theory. Please also write in the assignment about concepts as building blocks of theory and the value of theory to practice. Theory with its related concepts may give us insight as practitioners into assessment questions we would ask our patients. What assessment questions would you ask Mark O’Brien to gain insight into his perception and experience of disability?

Global Food Security: How best to feed the world?

Paper instructions:

1. Choose one hot topic from those presented.
2. Describe the issue (150 words)
3. Explain why this is an issue of justice or the common good (150 words).
4. Identify the people or groups who have a stake in the issue and analyse their perspectives on it. [You should analyse at least three perspectives.] Why may some stakeholders not want the situation to change? (750 words)
5. Analyse the issue in terms of the common good and the principles that promote human flourishing. (750 words).
6. In light of your analysis, how might the common good best be served in relation to this issue? (200 words)
Learning Outcomes and Graduate Attributes
This assessment task goes towards helping you to meet:
• Learning Outcome 1: Explain the concept of the ‘common good’ and present examples of the common good in action;
• Learning Outcome 2: Explain the concepts of ‘social justice’ and advocacy for the most vulnerable’ and their importance for the common good, and present examples;
• Learning Outcome 3: present a critical account of a topic or issue in social justice;
• Graduate Attribute 2: recognise their responsibility to the common good, the environment and society;
• Graduate Attribute 4: think critically and reflectively;
• Graduate Attribute 9: demonstrate effective communication in oral and written English language and visual media.
Criteria for assessment (See the Assessment tab in your LEO unit for a detailed rubric with descriptors for each of these criteria)
Presentation Formats
Present this task in one of the following formats:
Explanation of the issue as one of social justice or the common good.
Identification of stakeholders in the issue and critical account of their perspectives in terms of social justice, the common good and advocacy for the most vulnerable.
Analysis of the issue in relation to the common good and the principles which promote human flourishing.
Critical reflection of how the common good may best be served.
Written and/or oral English expression including spelling and grammar.
Consistent and correct use of selected academic referencing style.
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1. as a 2000 word essay, OR
2. as a 20 minute video in the form of a current affairs report, submitted on a USB or DVD with accompanying notes/script and reference list/bibliography , OR
3. as a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation with accompanying notes, for an imagined audience of attendees at a University public forum on your chosen issue (submitted as a PDF through LEO and in hard copy without actually being presented)