Thermo regulation in the newborn

Thermo regulation in the newborn

What specifically made your project a success or not, both to you and to other?
My project was on thermoregulation in the newborn. I need an Evaluation for it

The focus is on how your Project is evaluated. Obtaining evaluative feedback form community/stake holder, as well as peers will assist you to review the program. An analysis of all the feedback and a review of the curriculum after you complete the project will provide a comprehensive evaluation. What specifically made your project a success or not, both to you and to other?

The after Implementation evaluation write up

Does the project benefit who it was expected to benefits

The evaluation tool for the participants that you created last semester
The Table 13.3 element evaluation of your project curriculum that was due before the on-site day
The project evaluation tool you would have created the day of the on-site class
The analysis of the results of the 2 evaluation tools
produces the final evaluation assignment that is then inserted in to the Master’s project.
The book we used was Keating, Sarah B. (2011). Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing, 2nd Edition. NY: Springer Publishing Co ISBN # 978-826107220 . I did a basic evaluation tool but just need something better.
I will send you part of my project which I presented and parts of my paper to see if that helps you in this assignment. I will attach my work for you to review.
If you can add a small abstract and a final small conclusion for this I can add it to my work.