Pathopharmacolical foundations for advanced nursing practice

Pathopharmacolical foundations for advanced nursing practice

Pathophysiology of depression need to include cellular level. clinical guidlines vs standards of practice for the state of california and national and international standards of practice. identify summarize and evaluate the highest quality evidence and most current data about revention, assessment diagnosis, patient education treatment/therapy including medications, follow up care prognosis risk/benefit cost effectiveness. evidence based pharmacological treatment for the state of california include names and classes of medications mechanism of actions possible side effects and monitoring parameters. regarding how they affect the management think about whether it improves the disease process in your community, especially if the patient was compliant reflect on the psychological, social, and economical effects of the medications on the patent and does it affect other aspects of treatment for the disease state. Clinical guidelines/national practices requires to discuss clinical guidlines for assessment, diagnosis and patient education for depression. comparing standards of practice with state or national practices/clinical guidlines. characteristics and resources for well managed patients requires to discuss characteristics of and resources for a patient who manages depression including access to care, treatment options, life expectancy and outcomes. disparities in management nationally and internationally requires to analyze disparities between management of depression on a national and international level reflect on cultural, social, political and economic factors and discuss on how they may relate to the disparity in management of depression A-4 factors that contribute to management of disease requires to discuss three or four factors eg financial resources, access to care insured/uninsured, medicare/medicaid that contribute to a patient being able to manage depression lack of factors leading to unmanaged disease requires to explain how a lack of the factors in part A4 leads to an unmanaged disease process Disease in patient families and population requires to analyze how depression affects patients families and populations in my community of riverside california reflect on psychological, functional social economic (productivity as well as healthcare costs/rescources) aspects of how they effect the patient, family and economy/community then provide discussion on how it all is interrelated. B1 costs for patient families and population requires to discuss the financial costs associated with depression for patients, families and populations from diagnosis and treatment be sure to include cost from diagnosis to all treatment options available for depression reflect on loss of income as well C. Promotion of best practices requires to discuss how i will promote best practices for managing the depression in my current healthcare organization how institution and co workers can improve the quality of care provided to patients with depression prior to implementing strategies, provide general modalities in which i can promote the disease state please note that the different methods of educating would be considered modes of promotion
C1 strategies to implement best practices requires to discuss three strategies i could use to implement best practices for depression in my current healthcare organization C2 method of evaluation implementation strategies requires to discuss an appropriate method to evaluate the implementation of each of the strategy from part C1 provide detailed, effective measurable method to evaluate the implementation for each of the strategies discussed above evaluation method would be collecting data on the compliance of the check off list for depression protocols in place D. Sources apa formatting citation referencing……………

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