The scholarly concept paper will provide the student the opportunity to further explore the concept identified in Part II of the Nurse-Client Interaction Paper which is nursing advocacy for pain medication education. The student will relate the concept to professional nursing, will demonstrate critical thinking and developed written communication skills.

1) Introduction
a) Identify the professional nursing concept
b) State the reason for selecting the concept
c) Describe an overview of the paper
2) Content
a) Define and describe the concept based on a review of the literature
b) Include two examples from research findings to demonstrate how the concept is being utilized in nursing practice, today.
3) Application
a) Present the Nurse-Client Interaction described in Part I
b) Identify a nursing diagnosis for the client related to the concept
c) Identify specific nursing interventions for the nursing diagnosis related to the concept
d) Describe strategies and interventions that could be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the nursing interventions
4) Summary
a) Describe what interventions the nurse might want to implement with the client based on the review of the literature and current research.
b) Summarize key points

All citations and references must be documented according to APA format. Paraphrase the material properly, referencing the paraphrased material. Correctly reference direct quotes. However, direct quotes should be kept to a minimum (not more than 3).

There should be a minimum of 5 references from journals. Textbooks are not to be used. The journals should not be more than 5 years old, unless they are considered to be a historic or classic reference