Negligence Paper – Legal Nursing

Negligence Paper – Legal Nursing

? Read the article ?Amputation Mishap; Negligence? in the NBH newspaper under Season 3, Episode 7.

This is the article:

Amputation mishap, negligence cited.
by A. Lowell

Earlier this week, 62-year-old Joseph Benson underwent an amputation of his leg just below the left knee and only suffered one complication the wrong leg was amputated. Benson, a diabetic who suffered from poor circulation for the last five years, was shocked to wake up after his surgery and learn of the mishap. “I kept hoping that I was just dreaming, but I kept waking up to the same thing,” said Benson. Hospital staff at the Neighborhood Hospital have not officially commented on the case, but this incident comes at a dire time for the hospital, which has experienced quite an assortment of problems lately, from union problems to nursing shortages.

? Write a 1050- to 1500-word paper differentiating between negligence, gross negligence, and malpractice. Based on your information, decide if you agree with the statement in the newspaper.

? Provide your rationale for your decision.

? Describe the importance of documentation (relating to this simulation) and its correlation to potential negligence.

o If you were the nurse in this situation, what ethical principles would guide your practice?
o How would you document the case to satisfy ethical and legal requirements?

? Include at least three references from peer-reviewed journals.