Global Health Nursing

Global Health Nursing

Discussion Board: Global Health Nursing

You have received your bachelor’s degree in nursing 11 years ago and have practiced as a public health nurse in a city health department for the past 8 years. While you were practicing in this role, you went back to school part-time and recently received your master’s degree in community health nursing. You have become interested in the field of global health and are exploring career options in this area. In preparation for an entry-level job at the World Health Organization, you have been reviewing current issues and trends in global health.


Address the following items in your essay:

You understand that demographic trends have a significant impact on the health priorities of global health organizations. Which trends are currently creating the greatest underlying pressure on the global community?
Primary health care is an important concept in the practice of global community health. You have had some difficulty in understanding the difference between primary health care and primary care. Discuss this difference.
Patterns of health and disease have a great impact on global health. What are these current patterns (e.g. chronic diseases, cancer, respiratory disease, etc.)? The key word here is patterns. Discuss these patterns.
If you were to accept the position with the World Health Organization, what would be your priority? Does it match the Organization’s priority? Why or why not?
Use APA style format and include an introduction and conclusion.