Employment Equity

Employment Equity

This paper argues that colored women are facing considerable discrimination and racism in their workplace in Canada, which significantly limits their career prospective.

-This paper is for a professional sociology course about Racism, Cultures, Religion, and Ethnicity.
-You have to write an ANALYTICAL and CRITICAL paper about Racism and discrimination of the colored women in Canadian workplace. Colored women like black women are being discriminated in their work place in Canada for example in nursing they like to hire white women more than black women. You have to write about how the colored women are discriminated and argue how there is a racism in Canada about this specific topic

-The essay should be 7-8 pages in length, with one inch margins, size 12 font, double spaced

-The paper has to include a minimum of 6 SOCIOLOGICAL SCHOLARLY SOURCES. (Note: government websites and statistical data are NOT scholarly sources). Please DON’T use books.

-You are required to use sociological analysis and criticism to make your argument

-Before deciding on a writer, I want to see the points you will talk about in the paper. I want to look at 3 of the sources you will use, your thesis statement (your main argument), and your supporting arguments. After that, I will decide on a writer to continue with.

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